Data Conversion Specialist


Role Responsibilities:

  • Develop SQL Scripts for the validation of data according to the formats and rules defined in the legacy data model.
  • Develop SQL Scripts for the remediation of legacy data that do not comply with the data rules and formats
  • Develop SQL procedures for logging data corrections
  • Develop SQL scripts for obfuscation of sensitive data
  • Develop SQL scripts for extraction of legacy data in text format.
  • Develop procedures and scripts for compressing extracted data from the legacy server and transfer ring it to the target data servers in SODP.
  • Prepare statistics for extracted data in each package
  • Prepare and document integrated SQL scripts
  • Review reports for loading legacy data into the target database, and identify issues
  • Support and review the mappings of the legacy database to the target database. Perform scripts for the validation of the mapping specs, where required.
  • Maintain the repository of legacy tables, columns, rules, issues, validation scripts, remediation plans and remediation scripts. Extract reports, as required.
  • Perform other tasks related to the ONBIS data migration, as defined by the team lead and the project management.


Remediation of issues during the data loading and mapping process, preparation of new tables required
for the support of the business conversion, clarification how static historical data to be migrated and in which form: PDF, Excel, etc. (examples: TC/RC database, microfilm descriptors, error corrections, revenue allocation, Clearing House support data, data exchange logs, etc., participation in the detailed analysis and validation of the data mapping specs prepared by the vendor

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